De Code Adventures, Canada

De Code Adventures

Company Name: De Code Adventures
Opened: February 2014
De Scientific Code – A mad professor has created an unstable element, break into the lab and find research on it
De Code the Ancient Mystery – Tag along on a team of archaeologists and explore a mysterious place that others have disappeared in
Board Game Adventure – Help the King find the Queen of Board Game world, while making things right again
Time to escape:  45 minutes
No. of players:  2 to 8 players
Price:  $15 USD per person (minimum of two when booking)
Location/s: Unit 4, 6620 Kitimat Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada
– De Code Adventures in Canada are having a grand opening this weekend, with 50% off ticket prices! Book a ticket from March 24th to March 30th, then do a Facebook Like and Check-in when you arrive for your room escape adventure, to qualify for the discount.

– If you book online, when selecting a date and to see available spots, hover over until it turns orange.

– Each themed room can be played in one of three modes – Guiding Mode, Challenger Mode and Insane Mode. Play Insane Mode for a chance to enter the Hall of Fame.


De Code Adventures2


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