Learn about psychology and challenge your way of thinking – Mind Crypt, Hong Kong


Description: The University of Hong Kong in association with its Department of Psychology, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Psychology Student Society, are running a series of psychology events called PsyJourney.

One of these events is Mind Crypt, a room escape game which has been designed to demonstrate psychology theories that affect every day life. The theme is an abandoned scientific laboratory where participants will use resources found in the room to unlock five boxes. The game will be available in Chinese and English for participants.

Afterwards, the Psychology Student Society will discuss the psychology theories that were used during the experience such as generalization – using specific props to create a horror/scary movie experience and functional fixedness – where an object is only thought to be used for one purpose (for example, using hair pins to break open a lock instead).

Company Name: University of Hong Kong
How long does it run for: March 28th – April 7th 2014, April 8th – April 11th, April 13th. (Not run on April 5th due to a festival).
Theme: Abandoned Scientific Laboratory
Time to escape: 45 minutes
No. of players: 4 to 12 players
Price: Free (and open to the public)
Location/s: Room 11.17 & 11.18, 11/F, The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong
Facebook: Psychology Student Society –  https://www.facebook.com/PsySocSSSHKUSU
Website: http://www.psysoc.hkusu.hku.hk/
Notes: Registration for the Mind Crypt event is currently full but check again for updates on the Facebook and Website provided above.

– Other events in the PsyJourney event series include a workshop called Mind Craft that will explore the concept of optical illusions (9th of April) and a public talk, Flawed Mind which will discuss topics such as why people are reluctant to change multiple choice answers in an exam – a result of cognitive biases and to challenge our ways of thinking (on April 12th). Registration for both Mind Craft and Flawed Mind are still open until the 6th of April and 10th of April respectively.

Source: The University of Hong Kong via noodls

The University of Hong Kong News


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