Try to escape from SCRAP Entertainment: Rooms and Werewolves – Part 1

escape from the mysterious room image

In an earlier blog post, we wrote about escaping from a haunted ship:
Real Escape Game – Escape From the Haunted Ship.

Now the company behind it, SCRAP Entertainment, which ran the original Real Escape Game , starting way back in 2007 – has a number of upcoming events in places such as Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the USA. They reuse some of their room escape themes but move them to different locations, to showcase them to new audiences. This will be a two-part blog.

Escape From The Mysterious Room is being hosted again soon, in Sendai, Okayama, Kagoshima (all located in Japan) and Toronto (Canada). This theme appears to be one of the best introductions to the concept of room escape – an ordinary and normal room, with a desk, chair and some carpet. If a person looks further into it, things then become strange with clues and puzzles to solve.

Sendai, Japan: Real Escape Game
Date: Friday 21st March – Wednesday 30th April 2014

Okayama, Japan: Real Escape Game
Date: Friday 11th April – Friday 6th May 2014

Kagoshima, Japan: Real Escape Game
Date: Saturday 18th April – Friday 31st May 2014

Toronto, ON, Canada: Real Escape Game in Toronto Vol.1
From April 2014
376 Bathurst St. (Bathurst & Dundas), Toronto, ON, Canada
$28 USD for advanced tickets (plus additional online booking fees), $33 USD for door tickets.


The werewolves from a village are migrating to New York City (USA) in May, as Escape From The Werewolf Village takes place. As werewolves attack villagers, participants need to find the werewolf and figure out what has happened!

New York City, NY, USA: Real Escape Game in NYC Vol. 1
Friday May 30th – Sunday June 1st 2014
Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St New York, NY
$25 USD for advanced tickets, $30 USD for door tickets

escape from the werewolf village - nyc usa

Part 2 of this blog post will be released tomorrow.


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