Try to escape from SCRAP Entertainment: Moons and Banks – Part 2

Welcome back, here’s part two of our blog – if you haven’t read part one, it’s here.

SCRAP Entertainment has also released a new theme – Escape From The Moon Base, where participants are located on the moon, the building is currently running out of oxygen (and they have one hour of course, before it completely runs out). People in San Francisco (USA) will be able to participate in this game before the same theme is played again in June within Singapore.

San Francisco, CA, USA: Real Escape Game in SF Vol. 7
Thursday May 22nd  – Monday May 26th 2014
The Regency Center, 1290 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA, USA
$25 USD for advanced tickets, $30 USD for door tickets.
Tickets on sale from Tuesday April 15th 2014.

National Design Centre Auditorium (2F), Singapore: Real Escape Game in Singapore Vol 6
From June 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th 2014
Address: National Design Centre Auditorium (2F), Singapore
Price: SGD $22 for early bird tickets (selling from April 14th to April 30th), SGD $27 for standard tickets (sell from May 1st onwards)

escape from the moon base - sf usa escape from the moon base - singapore

Or play as a group of bank robbers who have broken into a bank but have become trapped in a maximum security bank vault. Try to find the fake confidential bank document and get out before the guards appear! Escape From the Bank, can be played in Taiwan starting from today the 25th of April.

Taipei, Taiwan: Real Escape Game
Date: Friday 25th April – Sunday 4th May 2014
Address: Blackbird, Xinyi Road, Sec 2, Taipei 341 F -2, Taiwan
Price: 450 yuan

escape from the bank - taiwan


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