Searching in the dark, the reaction and bees

The latest room escape news from around the world.

The most explosive trend … Room Escape

A brief insight into Mission-Q, which has been set up in Shanghai, China and now in Malaysia. Some themes include, The Missing Corpse where clues need to be looked for in the dark and another theme, Day and Night, where two teams of players need to work together to solve puzzles located in two different rooms. – [From Google Translate – Chinese]

Trend for Real Life “Escape” Games in China

Discusses the growth of room escape (or takagism) in China and whats involved – how players react to other people and the decisions they make, building up teamwork and a way to entertain that takes someone out of their every day routine.

“Real Escape Rooms,” the diabolical Japanese puzzle game, comes to St. Louis

The second version of St. Louis – Trapped Volume 2, in the USA gets a review and a behind the scenes look with the creator. As people search the room to try and find something to open the puzzle boxes, clues are hidden in plain sight – “Form orc, lose bees, I lent”. Have a guess? A great behind the scenes report at what it takes to stage and prepare a room escape. Listen to people’s input, try to co-operate (read: communicate with each other) and that thing on the ceiling is most likely not a clue.

St. Louis – Trapped: Volume 3 is scheduled for July 2014.



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