We’re still escaping zombies, text-based adventure games and time

Could You Escape From The Zombies?
abc22 recorded their experience of Room Escape Adventures, in Columbus, OH in the USA. Participants need to find the puzzles in the room, solve them to find the answers and stay away from the zombie trapped in the room along side them.


Inside the Locked Room You Have to Solve Puzzles to Escape

The people at Mashable went on a trip to visit Escape the Room NYC and met up with its founders. They credit the Zork and Adventure video games as the reason behind the popularity of trapped room scenarios. In these games, participants were given no extra helpful clues to progress within the game and had to use their logic to progress on to the next stage of the game.


Real Escape Game Toronto a thrilling race against time

The new Real Escape Game facility in Toronto, Canada gets a review – the author compares the experience to being in the tv show, CSI and also the horror trapped-in-a-room movie, Saw. The only downside? REG Toronto only have one version of their room escape game – which means participants have to wait a while until they can play a different themed room.




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