60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and Secret Cinema – Back to the Future in London

back to future

Intervirals Spotlight

Heading to London this July or August? Want to head back to the past or future for a night?

Secret Cinema have organised a live cinema experience with a Back to the Future theme, somewhere in London that starts on July 24th. At a super secret location, the doors open at 6pm each night for you to immerse yourself in a replica setting of Hill Valley, the backdrop fictional location of the Back to the Future movies. This Back to the Future live experience runs until the 31st of August.

Standard tickets (16+ years old) are £53.50, child tickets (5-15 years old) are £25 while a family ticket – for two adults and two children costs £140.


What would you do if you could head back to the future for a night? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Melbourne, Australia: Escape Room Melbourne gets a review –

Manchester, United Kingdom: Breakout Manchester gets a review –

Manila, Philippines: Mystery Manila gets a review –



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One thought on “60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and Secret Cinema – Back to the Future in London

  1. […] Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future experience is about to start in London, UK – though according to their Facebook page have had […]

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