60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and The Invisible Room Kickstarter

the invisible room

Intervirals Spotlight

Update 26/10/14: With great sadness to report, Lock and Lol has gone out of business as reported on Exit Games UK.

The Invisible Room has a different concept when compared to other room escapes games currently available. The concept is to provide an escape game for those with visual impairments and to also allow those with sight to play the same game. Currently the Invisible Room is being produced by Lock and Lol (http://lockandlol.com/) and are crowd funding their campaign on Kickstarter, with a deadline of August 17th and a fundraising goal of £8,918.

Even if the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t get funded, Lock and Lol are already designing their first room escape in London, UK called The Dark Room, that will open in October 2014 and will cater to visually impaired people. However it would be fantastic to see their second room escape, The Invisible Room get the funding it needs to go ahead and be developed. According to the Kickstarter page, Lock and Lol will also provide discounts to those with visual impairments.


Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! 🙂

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Orlando, Florida, USA: The Great Escape Room Orlando gets a review –

Ontario, Canada: Real Escape Game Ontario gets a review –


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