Six months later .. and we’re still talking about room escapes!?!

six months anniversary

After keeping the world informed and up to date on room escape news, our wordpress site turns six months old this week! Throughout the week of August 10th to 17th, we’re going to host a week long blog party and you are invited! Don’t forget to bring a chair along or just come back and visit us each day this week.

To start the celebrations, we are really curious as to what we can improve on this blog site for all of our readers. Perhaps you want more locations of room escapes around the world? There’s a list of room escapes we still need to upload onto WordPress but every time we update our list – we find out about another room escape location!

Or should we translate certain webpages into the local language? Currently we are trialing a local language version of room escape places in Spain – see here – Lista de Escapes de habitación en España. Intervirals is also thinking of introducing similar local language versions in Russian, Malaysian, Indonesian and other languages too.

Or should we add website links to Tripadvisor room escape reviews? Or is there some other feature we should add?

Please fill out the poll below, it will only be about 30 seconds to fill in and will help us improve our site or leave us a comment below with your thoughts. 🙂



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