Enlightened vs. the Resistance – What I learned as an Ingress Newbie


The majority of this week’s blogs are inspired by Locked.hu’s interactive room escape experience on mobile devices that can be experienced this week at the Szigest Festival 2014, in Budapest. But what if you are no where near there? I started thinking about other room escape experiences that can be accessed on mobile devices, so that no matter where you are located – you can still have fun.

Of course, I had to start off with Google’s Ingress App. It’s one of the best apps that combine real world locations with a virtual game.

Ingress is a mobile game which allows a person to choose one of two sides – the Enlightened (green colour) or the Resistance (blue colour). Apparently all around us in the world, there’s this substance called Exotic Matter, also known as XM. Users who choose the Enlightened side believe XM will help humanity, while the Resistance are more cautious of this new substance. XM frequently appears in large amounts near portals.

Wait – what are portals? So portals are significant landmarks in the real world, wherever you are. Within your country, a portal may be a historical building, a sculpture or other feature. When Ingress is running on a mobile device, take a walk – the purple sparkles of XM on the map should be automatically collected by your device.

While XM is pretty to look at, it’s also useful and should be considered as energy in the game. Use your XM to hack a portal and collect items that drop out of the portal then. Don’t forget, stand near your portal location to hack it and once you hack a portal for items, you can’t hack it again for another 5 minutes.

The fun starts when there’s teams of Enlightened players and Resistance players battling for control of a portal.

Remember how you can collect items by hacking a portal? Often two things fall out which are collectable: resonators and Xmp bursters.

If you want to claim a portal for your Ingress side, there needs to be eight resonators in your inventory and which are placed on the portal location. Once all the resonators are placed, congratulations! You’ve claimed an Ingress portal.

Otherwise is the portal already claimed by a rival Ingress team? Take out those Xmp bursters, from your inventory and which you’ve collected from hacking portals. Lock onto the rival portal and fire the Xmp bursters at the portal. If you hold a portal but its damaged by a rival team, your mobile device will shudder as if its really under attack.

There’s plenty more I still need to learn about Ingress but what have I learned so far from it?
Or some tips for newbie players:
# 1: Hack portals to level up within the Ingress game
# 2: Find a location where there are plenty of portals to hack – usually cities are the best location
# 3: Don’t be afraid of asking questions – have fun! There is an incredibly supportive Ingress community and discussion board out there.

Ingress can be downloaded to iPhones in the App Store, Android devices in the Google Play Store or at – https://www.ingress.com/

– Essa


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2 thoughts on “Enlightened vs. the Resistance – What I learned as an Ingress Newbie

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