BBC Sherlock needs your help to solve a case – are you ready for it, Watson?

sherlock the network

Since the beginning episode, I’ve been a fan of BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes (and of course, Benedict Cumberbatch) so when I heard there was a complementary mobile app – I had to check it out. Who wouldn’t want to solve a case that’s been set by Sherlock?

Sherlock: The Network is the official mobile app of the BBC Sherlock tv series and allows the participant to become part of Sherlock’s Homeless Network that roams the streets of London. On screen, there’s a detailed map of London that can be zoomed in or out of and find cash on the map to take the transport system. Choose from the transport systems of either walking, the train or take a taxi to question people (Tip: don’t take the train, it caused the app to stop working for me, or take the taxi to play a fun mini-game).

As you work through the game and move from location to location, participants will find picture clues and mini games to play. Plus, Sherlock will drop in and leave some voicemail messages to help guide you along within the game. The game and storyline look brilliant, the only downside is the app keeps crashing on my Android device.

Or perhaps you want a real life Sherlock experience in London? Chris runs Exit Games UK (, a website dedicated to informing people about exit games located in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Just click the Find an Exit Game section, to find a list of exit game locations or read the home page blog, its filled with interesting events to attend in England, such as the upcoming World Puzzle and Sudoku championships. Sherlock himself would approve.

Sherlock: The Network mobile app can be downloaded to iPhones or iPads in the App Store, Android devices in the Google Play Store, Kindle devices in the Amazon Store or at the official website –

Additional Notes:
– In the iTunes store, the Sherlock app is a completely free-to-play app; while Android users are limited to two free cases then must pay, while Kindle users have a special offer at the moment with access to six free cases.
– It is a large mobile app to download (706 MB), so its best to download it with a Wi-Fi connection not your mobile data.

– Essa

Here’s also a trailer for Sherlock: The Network – enjoy!


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