60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and to the next six months of Intervirals!

to the next six months

Intervirals Spotlight

This week, I’m going to take over the spotlight section and just talk for a while. First, I want to say a huge THANK YOU, to all the people who have found, read, emailed in, sent feedback or left a comment on this room escape blog (especially within the last two weeks too!). That somehow you stumbled onto this blog in the wide universe of the internet – thanks. 🙂

Second, there are other people out there, which share our love of room escapes (or exit games or live escape games), so we want to mention a few:

Hungary: Exit Games Hungary (http://exitgames.hu/) provides a list of exit games located in Hungary, along with a list of ongoing discounts.

Spain: Hemos Salido is a new blog covering room escapes in the Spanish community and writing reviews – (https://www.facebook.com/hemossalido)

Toronto, Canada: EscapistTO runs a Reddit thread describing all of the room escape places in the Toronto, Canada region – (Reddit – Toronto Room Escapes). Now they are also running a WordPress site at: http://escapistto.wordpress.com/

United Kingdom: Chris runs Exit Games UK (http://exitgames.co.uk/), a website dedicated to keep users up to date on information and news on exit games located in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Singapore: Escaping SG is a site covering reviews on room escapes in Singapore – http://escapingsg.wordpress.com/

Exit Games Romania is a room escape located in Romania and the first to establish in the country – http://exitgames.ro/?lang=en

And finally, I hope this blog – Intervirals will still be around in six more months and that we’ll still be talking about our interest, curiosity, and saving the world in 60 minute room escape games.

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! 🙂

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Oklahoma City, OK, USA: The Escape OKC (or The Escape Oklahoma) gets a review – http://www.edmondsun.com/business/x611418076/Edmond-entrepreneurs-sleuth-their-way-to-success

Arizona, AZ, USA: Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is holding a special theatre show in Arizona soon in association with the Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre.



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