60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and Exit Games Romania – first live escape game

exit games ro2

Intervirals Spotlight

In 2012, Exit Games Romania was the first room escape game to establish itself in the country Romania and is located in Timișoara, Western Romania. They have designed their games around the concept of flow, so participants are completely focused on completing a task and don’t notice how time quickly passes a participant by. Currently they have two different themed rooms: the first room is The Secretary’s Office, where participants are in the secret police office and there’s even a panic button if the team decides there is too much pressure or decides to give up. The second new room, is The Bomb – not much information is available on the website yet. However try The Bomb room for free between September 10th and 13th!

Check out Exit Games Romania’s website here: http://exitgames.ro/

P.S. Two other things –
– Hopefully within the next week, Intervirals will be posting an update in regards to the The Basement LA: A live escape room experience. Once we get an okay from the creators, we’re going to share what we have found out about it including the horror-inspired background story and other details. Stay tuned.

– Thanks to all who have signed up for the new Intervirals forum, at http://intervirals.boards.net – there is now a new Games board where people can practice their room escape and puzzle solving skills. Everyone is more than welcome to join and start a conversation. Special mentions must go out to users, doaroomescape, Chris at Exit Games UK, EscapistTO and Dscry!

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! 🙂

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Coral Gables, Florida: Article describing The Great Escape Room Orlando setting up its new sub-branch in Coral Gables, Florida soon.


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