60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and Escape Run 2014 in Malaysia

escape run 2014

Intervirals Spotlight

It’s almost here! We’ve had a lot of updates on this site about Escape Run 2014 and now it’s time for the event to take place. Escape Run 2014 will be the largest puzzle event held in Malaysia next weekend on the 20th of September. Held in Berjaya Times Square, participants will have to arrive before 9.30am for registration. Then each team of three people will compete in physical and intellectual puzzles throughout the entire day from 10am to 5pm. Registrations have already closed but we’re hoping Escape Run’s Facebook page will be updated throughout the day with further details of the day’s events.

If you are participating on the day or watching the event taking place in Malaysia, leave us a comment below with your experience of the day. Would be very interested in knowing what types of puzzles were created for the event.

P.S. Our update on The Basement LA will be delayed for a little bit due to time constraints this week but if you are interested, bookings are now open from this week so head to http://thebasementla.ticketleap.com/tickets/

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! 🙂
Plus join the room escape conversation at our forums: http://intervirals.boards.net

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Budapest and Belgrade: Mentions of Mind Maze, Claustrophilia and Escape Game Belgrade –


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