Mindboggling Bomb Madness! Save the world or try saving yourself at Exit The Room

exit the room 3

Intervirals Spotlight

Have a look at some of the amazing images that are on display at Exit The Room’s website, during this blog – they are extremely impressive for a room escape place!

Exit The Room has three different rooms to try – Mind Boggling, The Bomb and Madness. The easiest room to start off with is Mind Boggling, where participants need to crack several puzzles to figure out the combination lock on the electric door. With an increase in difficulty The Bomb room is next to try, become a secret agent and use team work to stop an atomic bomb from going off. Otherwise it’s the end of the world! Hurry along, that bomb is ticking down its time left. The final room tests a person’s bravery and courage in the Madness room. Somehow players need to navigate the dark basement of the psychiatric hospital. What is lurking in the cold basement, hiding in the darkness along with you? Most of all, don’t let the panic get you or chances of surviving will be low!

exit the room 2

Interested in playing at Exit The Room? They have two different locations to choose from in Europe – Germany and Austria with tickets costing €69 up to €85 (two to five people on a team).

Exit The Room Germany
Address: Georgenstraße 28, D-80799 München, Germany
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExitTheRoomDE
Website: http://exittheroom.de/

Exit The Room Austria
Address: Hernalser Gürtel 20. K/1, 1080 Wien (Vienna), Austria
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExitTheRoomAT
Website: http://www.exittheroom.com

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! Have you been to Exit The Room before? 🙂
Or ever have a need to talk to others about room escapes? Check out our forums: http://intervirals.boards.net/

– Essa


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