13 Years of Fright Nights – One of the scariest theme parks this nightmare Halloween

thorpe parkAs today is October 13th, today’s Halloween blog is going to be extra special as we found an event also celebrating the number thirteen.

In its 13th year, Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom are hosting a Fright Nights event every weekend of October with plenty of after dark scares awaiting those who attend. The park operates until 10pm most nights with those who are brave enough can purchase additional horror night time activities.

There will be four horror mazes available based on the movies Blair Witch, My Bloody Valentine, The Cabin in the Woods and SAW. The Blair Witch maze is a walkthrough maze, filled with horrors lurking in the shadows among multiple paths. The other mazes are all classified as live action with scare actors lurking inside. My Bloody Valentine is a abandoned tunnel maze, with a mining theme to it and watch out for the live actors who will chase after you in the dark. Choose your fate in The Cabin in the Woods maze which will disorientate and experience several scenes from the SAW movie in the SAW maze.

The thirteenth maze to appear in Thorpe Park also appears this year and is called Studio 13. The Fright Night Director is allowing guests to audition for a new movie, The Motel but there’s guaranteed to be a horror ending to it. Normal rides will also be open throughout the event and the Swarm rollercoaster changes, as it reverses operations and travels backwards along its circuit under the cover of night.

When everyone has left the park for the night, stay back with the VIP Maze Tour option and enter one maze by yourself each night. Will the maze’s inhabitants get to you before you can escape?

thorpe park 2

Not ready to sleep after roaming the Fright Nights experience at Thorpe Park? Book into the new nearby hotel, Thorpe Shark Hotel but there will be no sleep – just extra horrors awaiting with The Extra Cut experience. After the park closes, the people staying at the hotel will be woken up in the middle of the night by a nightmare crew and then taken back to the theme park to experience the five horror mazes. Or if feeling lonely, there’s always an option to book a Night Terror, a creature that hides in the shadows of your hotel room or a Bedtime Gory Teller, an old lady with horrible teeth that reads you nightmare stories.

Fright Nights takes place at Thorpe Park – Surrey, United Kingdom and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and every night during the last week of October.

Website: https://www.thorpepark.com/events-experiences/frightnights

Additional The Extra Cut informationhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2779204/Thorpe-Park-s-Fright-Nights-guests-kidnapped-blindfolded-chased-cannibal-cult.html


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