It’s a Horror Halloween: The Walking Dead, SAW and the American Horror Escape

fright month 2014 -bc ver

Intervirals Spotlight
Chained up zombies have appeared in Asia over the past weekend, Jigsaw’s puzzles are appearing in the Saw experience and the American Horror Escape begins later this month. Welcome to the second installment of Fright Month 2014.

We’ll admit its a bit late to be reporting on the Walking Dead experience which took place in the Philippines just two days ago. However the concept was intriguing, so we investigated some more into it. From October 11th to 12th, Breakout Philippines with the Walking Dead tv series created a zombie themed room escape in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. Locked in a small room, participants had to breakout and avoid the chained walker in the room (we’re assuming this is what zombies are called in the series). The real catch is that there is only 15 minutes to escape the experience, with such a limited timeframe did anyone even escape?

Following this, The Saw Experience Special Edition – as if the experience isn’t creepy enough, they added a special edition add on – is also running for this Halloween in Las Vegas, USA. It’s for anyone who enjoys scary movies and wants to try a real life version of the experience but don’t worry, you will go home in one piece. For extra scare, there are night time sessions of the experience – 7pm, 9pm and 11pm – to experience what its like to be in test subject in a Jigsaw trap. Age restricted to 18 years and older and $33 USD per person at Live Room Escape, LV.

If that’s not enough American scare, there’s even more located at Adventure Rooms Connecticut. They are creating a haunted Halloween maze called The American Horror Escape: Halloween Spectacular which will operate from September 25th to November 16th.

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! And if you haven’t seen it yet – have a look at our forums – 🙂

– Essa


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