Scaring for a Cure, Fright Nights at theme parks and the DOA H.H. Holmes Basement

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Intervirals Spotlight
Welcome to the third installment of Fright Month 2014 where we cover Scare for a Cure’s newest event in Texas, DOA Room Escape’s recent opening of The Basement in Chicago and cover another theme park, Movie World in Australia celebrating Halloween.

Scare for
a Cure is a volunteer non-for profit organisation that runs an immersive haunted house experience out of Austin, Texas USA. Throughout October they are running the haunted event Return to Zombieland, with the storyline being a zombie virus has impacted the world and you need to get to the City of Prosper. Avoid zombies at all costs. Don’t get stuck in a remote location. Avoid the (cough fake) blood, slime and gore too if you can. Also food is a critical resource in short supply and reading the fine print of the event, we’re assuming canned food can be brought along to the event and used to bargain with the actors who are part of the experience. The best part is that all canned food collected will be donated to a food bank and a part of the proceeds from the event are being donated to helping the Breast Cancer Resource Center.

scare for a cure

The criminal mastermind H.H. Holmes is crafting his skill in preparation for the opening of The Basement at DOA Room Escape in Chicago, USA. From October 17th, participants are invited to test their fear factor by being locked in a room filled with terrible nightmares and to ultimately escape from the horrors within.

movie world

Closer to Australian shores, the theme park Movie World are celebrating with their own event called Fright Nights (Live The Terror). The event runs every Friday and Saturday night of October and the event takes place from 6pm to 10.30pm.

Four mazes are available to be tried out: The Wolf Creek 2 Maze based on the Australian movie staring the serial killer who preys on victims in the outback and the maze contains scenes from the movie. Then there’s The Evil Within Maze, based on an upcoming horror video game with characters appearing throughout the maze. Expect lots of anxiety and a storyline to follow within the maze. The third maze is called The Ripper Maze “the ultimate murder mystery”, which is setup to look like London in the 18th Century when the terrifying Jack the Ripper roamed the streets. Of course there’s a good chance Jack roams the maze too. Finally the last maze is the Cannibal Clowns Maze, which is designed to target the childhood fear of clowns felt by many adults.

There’s also an additional The Ultimate VIP experience package where participants can attend the briefing of cast members that roam the mazes each night and also a Terror Tour Scare Experience – a backstage tour with actors in horrifying costumes appearing when least expected and more special effects along the way.!


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– Essa


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