I Know Who Killed You This Halloween, get Trapped inside the Night Carnival or with the Beast of Berlin

fright month 2014 -bc ver

Intervirals Spotlight
Could you find a way out of a Halloween inspired night time carnival, escape the Beast of Berlin from the 1920s or discover who the murderer is among the suspects in #WhoKilledYou? Here’s the final installment of Fright Month 2014 and I hope you all have a good Halloween this year!

I Know Who Killed You This Halloween (also known by the hashtag #WhoKilledYou) is a three day event being organised in Singapore by NTUC Club, Lockdown.sg and Think Your Way Out. Held from October 31st to November 2nd, the backstory is that participants will start at the Grand Hotel located in Black Forest, a perfect tourist vacation hotspot. However recently some murders have just happened before the Halloween festival and the world is demanding some answers. There will be 5 murder scenes available to investigate, 5 real life actors to interrogate clues out of, puzzles to crack and ultimately, one murder mystery to solve. Tickets cost $22 per person.


Get trapped inside a night time carnival during the last week of October at Escape Room Niagara Falls located in Ontario, Canada. Doors open for the event at 8pm, with the game starting at 9pm. The live event has no time limit, so you can start as soon as you want or perhaps enjoy the other carnival activities available on the night first. The event has two more days left: October 31st and November 1st with tickets costing $20 per person.

The Beast of Berlin is lurking inside the facility of The Room Berlin, which has extended all room escape games to 70 minute special editions during Halloween. As a bonus, The Room Berlin in Germany will stay open until 2 am to allow even more players to play a room escape game. Participants are part of a specially commissioned unit to find a serial killer hiding within the setting of Berlin in 1920s. Will the beast find you first? Tickets cost 66 for two people.

carnival and the room

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– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

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