Let’s escape from the giants and away into the walled cities – Attack on Titan x REG

escape from walled city

Intervirals Spotlight
Three kids lead the fight against giants who are trying to break into cities that are surrounded by walls. That’s how one friend recently describe what Attack on Titan was to me as she had watched the anime version of the series. “It’s pretty ferocious and gruesome too”, my friend managed to tackle on to the end of her story.

The popular manga and anime series called Attack on Titan forms the basis of the newest game, Escape from the Walled City organised by Real Escape Game in Singapore this December. The giants of the story are called Titans, who hunt down humans for fun and the participants in the experience must protect what is left of the cities and humans that remain behind.

At the end of our talk I asked one more question of my friend – Did the giants ever make it into the walled cities? Unfortunately the very, very high walls that usually protect the cities turn out to be no match for the Titans who eventually break through them. Those attending the event will be required to join Survey Corp and help fight the problem before it becomes worse.

The experience runs four times only – on December 13th and December 14th with both days having a 1pm and 5pm session. Standard tickets cost $27 SGD, with door tickets costing extra at $33 and the event will take place in a stadium too – Yio Chu Kang Stadium.

What better way to represent a walled city then a stadium?

P.S. Good luck to the team at Real Escape Game San Francisco who are opening the doors on their next game which is called Escape from the Auction House, to be held on November 12th at The Regency Center.


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– Essa


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One thought on “Let’s escape from the giants and away into the walled cities – Attack on Titan x REG

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