When the floor drops out from underneath you – how do you escape the room?

Intervirals Spotlight
Here’s a question – If the room you are in has a floor that starts to disappear into a nearby wall – what do you do?

Climb the walls, of course!

The North Face a retailer of hiking equipment and winter gear, uploaded a new advertisement called ‘Never Stop Exploring’ to their Youtube channel in September this year with a twist. Unsuspecting customers entered a North Face pop up shop in South Korea to try on new winter clothes. When the customers were concentrating and trying out the clothes, the shop assistants hurried out of the shop and pulled a lever to trigger the floor.

Then the floor starts to recede away from the exit and into a wall while racks of clothing get lifted into the air and out of harm’s way. The shocked customers don’t know how to react at first but most seem to catch on and start climbing the wall nearby which has hiking grips installed into it.

Thing start to get interesting when a piece of clothing emerges from the ceiling and a television appears with a message – You now have 30 seconds. Jump to get the North Face Down Jacket. A buzzer sound starts the ticking timer down and the participants realise they need to jump – that’s right – jump away from the wall, into the air and hopefully catch the jacket when they fall. There’s also a large, inflatable air cushion at the bottom of the room for people to fall onto safely.

Here’s the Youtube video for North Face – there is also an option for subtitles in English.

Seeing the North Face’s recent advertisement reminded me of the Japanese game show called Dero, in which the participants also had a disappearing floor and had to make it to safety. Here’s a short Youtube trailer for Dero too, if you want to check it out but there are no subtitles available for it.


What do you think of disappearing floors in escape rooms?

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! 🙂 Plus the forums are always open!

– Essa


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