What would happen if Sherlock and John Watson were locked in an escape room together?


Intervirals Spotlight
Imagine what would happen if two of the world’s best detectives – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson – could spend one hour within a escape room. Would they be calm and methodically solve each clue they find? Or would Sherlock sit in a corner until the very last ten minutes and suddenly declare – “*OH MY GOD WE HAVE JUST TEN MINUTES LEFT JOHN WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING THERE HELP ME DIG THROUGH THESE OLD ENCYCLOPEDIAS!*” – *From Puzzalarium’s website.

Game on.

Specialising in bringing different universes closer to Earth, The Study is the first room developed by Puzzalarium, an escape room located in San Diego, California. There are plenty of desks, library shelves and dusty books to explore within the room for clues and don’t worry if the room looks a little odd – it might have just been transported from a different time and/or universe. Additionally, stay away from the doors as noises can be heard coming from the other side and whatever it is seems to be trying to break through.

The Study is an experience whereby participants can choose what level of immersion they would like. According to the website, the level chosen can influence people to feel certain emotions such as happiness or being scared while exploring the escape room. Please note, that deeper levels of immersions tend to be darker and scarier to play.

Also while browsing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the Puzzlarium website I found this question –


I always love it when escape room websites add little secrets or easter eggs to their website for the curious to find (such as The Basement LA before) and this seemed to me like a challenge worth investigating. All I’m going to say, is that I found two secrets while lurking upon the Puzzalarium website and perhaps there are even more? Clever girl.

Address: 841 14th St. San Diego, California, USA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Puzzalarium
Website: http://www.puzzalarium.com/
Other Notes: There’s also a person dressed as a jackal, who guards/sits behind the reception desk area.


Any thoughts or comments are welcomed on the blog or over at the forums! 🙂

– Essa


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