Ever wonder what would happen if Night at the Museum really came to life? Maybe this.

secret of the tomb

Intervirals Spotlight
As night falls at the end of a day, it’s time for the museum’s inhabitants to come to life. Sound familiar? Something is stirring to life in one of Singapore’s museums and it’s about to happen soon. Organised by the Asian Civilisations Museum in association with The Escape Artist and Twentieth Century Fox, is possibly the world’s first organised escape from a museum called Night at the Museum: The Great Escape from Asian Civilisations Museum.

Go back in time and discover the beginnings of some of the world’s greatest heroes and find out what other secrets the museum contains after dark. Participants will have the chance to escape from a real museum but first they must find the hidden clues scattered throughout the museum and use their brain power to solve the many puzzles they will come across during the night.

There will also be movie screenings of the first two Night at the Museum movies and there’s also a chance to win tickets to see the upcoming third movie in the franchise – Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

I also wanted to share this image I took of the Asian Civilisations Museum’s website – I find it incredible (and just a little amusing) that a real life museum will actually close down for the night and participants will get the chance to have a close as you can ever get, real Night at the Museum experience.

asian civilisations museum

The Great Escape from Asian Civilisations Museum event takes place this weekend from December 12th to 13th at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore with tickets already sold out for the weekend.

P.S. Best of luck to Real Escape Game who are running their newest game, Attack on Titan game that’s also running in Singapore this weekend from December 13th to 14th – tickets are still available for this.


Any thoughts or comments are welcomed on the blog or over at the forums! 🙂

– Essa


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