Keep an eye on the front door and escape the Book Club Killer before the night ends

escape the book club killer

Intervirals Spotlight
It started out as an ordinary book club meeting, with its members arriving at the next house chosen to host the book club. Turns out the host isn’t as gracious as everyone had first thought and instead decided to lock you along with the rest of the book club members in his apartment. Before the host leaves, he hisses through the front door a threatening promise to be back in one hour.

All twelve book club members must work together and scavenge through all the objects that lay in the apartment for clues hidden in books and find the other clues left behind by the last unfortunate group lured into the apartment. Somewhere in the apartment is the key which will unlock the front door and let everyone escape.

Escape the Book Club Killer is the first escape game developed by LockQuest located at 1204a Yonge Street in Toronto, ON, Canada. The owner of LockQuest was a video game designer before opening his room escape and wrote an article here on his experience from transferring what he knew about virtual game spaces to a real world game space. It’s an interesting perspective to read about as online room escape games developed by video game designers was the initial inspiration for the development of room escape games in the real world.

Address: 1204a Yonge Street in Toronto, ON, Canada

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! Or come visit the forums 🙂

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Los Angeles, USA: Review of Trapped in a Room with a Zombie LA –

Salt Lake City, UT, USA: Information on the opening of Mystery Escape Room –

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