The Unlocked Series: Pottermore’s Twelve New Stories for Christmas & have a Merry Christmas!


Intervirals Spotlight
While everyone is busy getting ready and settling in for the upcoming end of year Christmas and New Year break, Intervirals will still continue posting the Spotlight blog but the weekly discounts blog may take a two week break. There’s still heaps of topics to talk about and not enough time to talk about them all before the end of the year, so this week is the start of – The Unlocked Series. From December 2014 to around February 2015, there will be a range of articles on magic, robots, secret codes to be broken, at least three probable buried treasure hunts, one above ground scavenger hunt, dinosaurs and a mention of alternate reality games somewhere inbetween. Enjoy the first article below.

pottermore1When I first heard about the website Pottermore, an interactive website which continues to expand the Harry Potter universe with new background information from JK Rowling – I knew I had to register for it.

In 2011, everyone who wanted to get early registration had to complete the “Magical Quill” challenge, with a new clue released each day for a week. If you could solve the clue, then find the magical quill (or feather) on a in-game website in time you were allowed to register. What stuck out at the time was the fact only one million people in the world were allowed to register early for Pottermore but I managed to find a quill lurking on a website one morning during that week.


Right now, Pottermore is having their Twelve New Stories for Christmas event which is running from December 12th to 23rd. Each day a new riddle is posted on the Pottermore Facebook page along with a new website location that exists on Pottermore. Click on the website location provided, solve the riddle then click around the page to unlock a new Pottermore moment, an interactive webpage that shows a particular scene from one of the seven Harry Potter novels. Learn a whole lot more about Snape, the Weasley’s Joke Shop, attend Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party (he only invites the top students along) and pick up new badges such as Discoverer and Practical Potion Maker.

Pottermore’s Facebook Page:


P.S.  Quick welcome to two new room escape bloggers, Escape Room Sydney – run by Scott who writes reviews of room escape games he has played in Sydney and also Escape Games Memes Tumblr – who has established a tumblr page filling up with brilliant memes based on room escapes. Currently don’t know who runs this but get in contact and let us know!

P.P.S. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Day and Boxing Day and enjoy your ham, turkey, chicken, turducken, vegetarian or other dinner feasts that await. Keep an eye out for Santa and remember, the raindeer only eat carrots (and maybe some christmas pudding too).

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! Plus the forums are opened 24/7 during the Christmas season (including Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year). 🙂

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Toronto, ON, Canada: Review of Trapped in a Room with a Zombie Toronto ––try-being-locked-in-a-room-with-a-zombie-153702826.html

China: Review of Chuansongmen Escape Room –

Lubbock, TX, USA: Review of Trapped! Escape the Room Lubbock –

Miami Beach, FL, USA: Review of Escape the Quest in Miami Beach –


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