The Unlocked Series: How does a robot escape from a locked room? It works with humans.


Intervirals Spotlight
A robot that is connected to the Internet could only result in some mischief occurring. Double Robotics is a startup company based in California, USA and have developed a robot product named Double. The robot looks like the combination of a Segway and an iPad, which enables telecommunicating between two people over long distances. The person controlling the Double robot can steer the robot and uses the iPad’s FaceTime feature to allow communication between people in real time.

The company decided to have website feature to show off the robot’s capabilities and it allows anyone on the internet to take control of the robot and move it around the demo room. Most of the time the demo room has a locked door but one day, a user discovered someone had left the door unlocked and decided to use the robot’s wheel stand to then push the door open. Eventually the door opens to allow the robot to slip past and take a joy ride through the office.


Afterwards the best part is the user who drives the robot stealthily back into the demo room, pushes the door closed and returns Double back to its original place. It leaves Double Robotics none the wiser and makes it appear as if the robot has always been in the room the entire time – well, until the video of the robot’s joy ride appears on Reddit and Youtube.

The resulting Youtube video reminds me of a Zork styled adventure (a text based game).


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Room Escape Reviews
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