Welcome twenty-fifteen: BreakOut the discounts, 48 hour specials and $15 games

discounts - 11 jan 2015

Welcome back everyone! This week, the discounts blog returns after a recent break to list some of the great room escape discounts that appear on Intervirals’ Facebook feed weekly. There’s 20% discounts available at Freeing Canada Station along with Escape Hunt Perth, plus a 50% discount on right now for those people who play a game at Escape Hunt Bali in Indonesia. Since it’s 2015 now, EXIT Canada is having a $15 room escape game special for two days only and BreakOut Live Action Escape Game is giving some lucky people the chance to play their new room escape for free.

New Special Offers
Bali, Indonesia: Will you manage to escape the room in time? Head to Escape Hunt Bali with a 50% discount available for all room escape games at the moment but only for the first 100 people.

Edmonton, AB, Canada: An upset captain has threatened his crew and locked them inside, with limited communication to the outside world and limited time left on the clock – welcome to BreakOut Live Action Escape Game’s newest room, B.O.M.B.. Plus enter their Facebook competition to win a chance to play their new room, with 15 lucky winners able to bring a friend along. Competition ends January 24th.

Perth, Australia: Celebrate the New Year along with the Escape Hunt team in Perth Australia who have a discount rate of 20%, when using the code NY20

Richmond, Canada: Welcome 2015, say goodbye to 2014 with EXIT Canada, who are running a $15 special (because it’s twenty-fifteenth) for all room escape games played on January 14th and 15th.

Richmond, Canada: For only 48 hours, Freeing Canada Station is offering a 20% discount off their room escape games which will last until Sunday 11th January.


Ongoing Special Offers
Pattaya, Thailand:
There’s a 50% 30% discount on room escape tickets at the moment in The Escape Hunt Experience in Pattaya with tickets for two people costing only 1,260 THB instead of the usual 1,800 THB. To get the offer just go to the Escape Hunt website and do an online booking for the Pattaya branch as the promotion code is already on the website.

Saarbrücken, Germany: Exit Games Saarland are offering a discount flyer for 5€ but it’s hidden within a shopping center in Germany. The discount flyer lasts until 31st of March 2015. See the Facebook page for more details.

Sydney, Australia: Sydney students there’s a 15% discount available from the Escape Hunt Sydney branch but is only applicable from Mondays to Thursdays only. Use the code STUDENT15 when booking. There’s another discount – 15% off at any game at Escape Hunt Sydney until January 1st 2015 – use the code MID15 which is only valid Mondays to Thursdays.

Toronto, ON, Canada: Does a two storey haunted house escape room sound interesting? Escape Games Canada is bringing to life a new theme called The Haunting of Noriko, that can be played out over two levels of a house and have developed a competition to celebrate.

Play their new escape room theme, fill in the contest form, then like and share the Facebook competition post to have a chance in winning a hand painted head cast, probably with a horror look to it. Draw takes place March 31st 2015.


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