Unlock Jurassic World: The park is officially open for business and accepting job applications

jurassic park - 2015

Intervirals Spotlight: The Unlocked Series
Weather is currently at 27 degrees with clouds on the way, the park is currently at 79% capacity and don’t forget to check out Jurassic World’s feeding show where the fearsome 5,000 kg Mosasaurus will jump into the air to eat a shark.

The fourth movie in the Jurassic Park dinosaur franchise, is called Jurassic World and due for release in June 2015 but before then – there’s plenty of activity on their social media accounts (jurassicworldintl.com).

Revisiting the background story and location of the Jurassic Park movies, the newest movie again takes place on Isla Nublar and to get onto the island you’ll need to take a ferry. On the mainland of Isla Nublar, a monorail track runs throughout the park and stops nearby several attractions along the way – the Innovation Centre which has interactive exhibits sponsored by Samsung, the Hammond Creation Lab where they breed dinosaurs and an IMAX theatre.

Plus an opportunity to kayak down a river and see prehistoric flora and fauna on the Cretaceous Cruise, a petting zoo to hold a baby triceratops and the Mosasaurus feeding show, which can be seen in the movie trailer. Or see for yourself the entire Jurassic World theme park map here. When visitors get hungry or tired, Winston’s Steakhouse has a menu with the current food offerings for the 20,000+ visitors to Jurassic World who visit each day in 2015 or rest at Hilton Isla Nublar.

International Genetic (InGen) Technologies the company which pioneered the technology to create jurassic world - assetsJurassic World, were acquired by Masrani Global in 1998. According to Masrani Global’s website (http://www.masraniglobal.com/), more background story can be discovered about the other fields that the company specialises in, specifically telecommunications and oil. There’s even a pie chart to show the breakdown of assets belonging to Jurassic World, with laboratory assets totaling 84.5 billions of dollars.

Interested in a career at Jurassic World? Have a look at the Careers Page for Masrani Global, with applications open for intern genetic biologists to join a team in San Diego and another job opening for a Veterinarian, which must “have experience with Sub-Saharan predators”.

Another curious thing to note is on the Media Page for Masrani Global, there’s a picture of dinosaur eggs with QR codes stamped on to them. I’m not sure at the moment if the Jurassic World social media accounts will lead to anything more such as an alternate reality game to the release date of the movie. However keep an eye on it for now – it could turn into something good later on.

Are you going to see the new Jurassic World movie when it gets released in cinemas?

Sources for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World:

– Essa


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