Save humanity and it’s last chance of survival in the Last Garden and run with werewolves in Spain

reg last garden
Real Escape Game in Singapore and Spain
One of the largest gardens in Asia are opening their doors to host a massive treasure hunt with 101 hectares of playing space available.

Forget the four plaster walls that usually make up the boundaries of most escape games and imagine playing a game with the sky as your ceiling, real trees as the walls and the sun shining down on your back.

Last Garden: Save Nature, Save Humanity is the next chapter of Real Escape Game Singapore who have partnered up with Vivid Creations. The story sets itself 50 years in the future (or 2065) where the Gardens by the Bay attraction in Singapore is powering the sustainability of the entire country. There’s a problem though – the power source behind all this sustainability, a mystery orb is losing power at an alarming rate and it’s up to you, treasure hunters – to find out what’s happening.

If you find the orb within the expansive gardens, you’ll be able to re-power it, save the last garden that remains on earth – plus give humanity another chance of survival!

The purporse of the event is to also enjoy the scenery of the Gardens by the Bay attraction and as a bonus, there is no time limit on the game. If you can’t solve the puzzle, you can come back the next day and try again.

Date: Friday 13th February to Sunday 22nd February 2015
Price: Early bird tickets – $27 SGD, Couple tickets – $50 SGD, Online tickets – $33 SGD,
At the door tickets – $35 SGD
Location: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Furthermore Real Escape Game Spain is setting up it’s first event for this weekend – Saturday February 7th – in Barcelona, Spain by bringing along their Escape from the Werewolf Village gamreg last werewolvese. Find out what’s happening to the village and the people who are being attacked by werewolves at night! If you manage to escape the village, you’ll win a ticket to another Real Escape Game event being held in Spain.

Escape From The Werewolf Village x REG España
Date: Saturday 7th February 2015
Price: Early bird tickets – 11, Group of six people – 54
Location: Kaburi, Passeig de Sant Joan 11, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

– Essa 🙂


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