The Beginner’s Guide to Kryptos: What’s still unsolved and could there be something buried?

What’s the Kryptos sculpture?
A weather exposed copper sculpture made of four panels quietly sits on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virgina in the United States and contains an unsolved mystery that has had the world captivated for 25 years.

Since it was first unveiled in 1990, the majority of the Kryptos sculpture has been decrypted successfully by CIA officials, the NSA and the general public. However on section four, panel two – there’s still 86 characters of encoded cipher text awaiting to be decrypted by someone in the world.

The first hint relating to the Kryptos puzzle was released in 2010 – the word Berlin – but still didn’t lead to any major breakthroughs. In November 2014, the creator of the Kryptos sculpture Jim Sanborn released a second hint, the word – Clock – to help puzzle solvers decode the text. In the image below you can see the white text is still the encrypted text, while the two hints Sanborn has given are indicated in black text.

*Image credit goes to the NYTimes*

Some reports indicate the time taken to break the remaining cipher text would be a massive task while other reports suggest the remaining code could be broken with just a pen and a piece of paper in hand.

Once the entire Kryptos sculpture has been solved, there’s still one more piece of the entire mystery to solve. The overall sculpture contains a riddle that leads to somewhere but where it leads to is unclear. There are indications in section two of the Kryptos code (which has been decrypted) that the latitude and longitude coordinates, references the CIA’s headquarters in Langley and speculation is there may be something buried within the grounds of the CIA’s headquarters awaiting to be discovered.

“Even when that final section is solved, however, sleuths still won’t know what the sculpture means. The deciphered text contains a riddle, which will require them to be on the CIA grounds in order to solve it.” – Wired

Have you heard of the Kryptos sculpture before and would you have a go at breaking the code?

– Essa 🙂

Sources and further reading:
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Wired Article – CIA Analyst who cracked Kryptos 
Slate Article – Newest Kryptos Clue from November 2014
NYTimes – Interactive Website with Kryptos information – Kryptos FAQ – In depth explanation of how the first three sections of Kryptos was solved



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