Fall into another reality where you are the hero at EscapeSF but please limit your superpower usages


EscapeSF – “You are the hero, and the hero is you!”

At first glance EscapeSF’s logo looks similar to a certain superhero which has a trailing red cape behind him whenever he flies. Thus it’s good to know one does “not need to be a superman to win [a] game” according to their FAQ.

While each room escape game at EscapeSF has a storyline – it’s up to you and your team mates to develop a way to discover the room’s secrets by uncovering clues to solve puzzles, with your reward – the thrill of a successful escape.

Alcatraz, an infamous prison that’s located just off the San Francisco Bay escape_sf2shoreline and immortalised in movies – has become the storyline of EscapeSF’s first escape room. While the Alcatraz prison was open for 29 years, there were several escape attempts by prison inmates – will you be a lucky escapee from the Escape from Alcatraz room?

Meanwhile according to known sources and whispers, an antique art dealer – J. Alfredo – was rumoured to be behind the art thief behind the disappearance of a world famous painting. No evidence of the theft could be linked to Alfredo but rumours persisted, leading to a threatening letter being sent to him. Now he’s disappeared – join the investigating unit searching for him and see if you can rediscover the painting!

The final room at EscapeSF is called Blind Tiger but the webpage appears to be under construction. If we read the description on the page, suggestions indicate a mafia clan may be involved in the storyline to the room.


Finally if you read the Rules section on EscapeSF’s website, apparently you aren’t able to use your phone while playing (which is understandable) or any other superpowers you may secretly harbour ie. flying (climbing walls isn’t allowed), enormous strength like the Hulk (physical force) or telekinesis, (to read the minds of the staff in order to solve puzzles faster).

EscapeSF (Escape San Francisco)
Price: $112 to $120 USD per team, depending on time of day
Address: 602 Kearny Street, San Francisco CA, USA
Website: http://QuestRoomSF.com

Essa 🙂


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