What happens when a friend loves Tumblr and Misha Collins? They find out about GISHWHES.


Gishwhes: Disrupting normal life through a yearly summer scavenger hunt

When you have a friend who has a keen interest in Tumblr and is also interested in Misha Collins, the actor from Supernatural – he’s going to tell you all about it.

I found out that Misha Collins has created a global event called GISHWHES, which stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen. Not quite sure how it’s pronounced (I keep referring to it as gish-wish but it’s probably closer to gish-wheres?)

What’s the purpose behind Gishwhes?
Gishwhes aims to encourage people to get out of their comfortable lives, to be more spontaneous and embrace the feeling of “grownup like wonder”. Its where normal is tossed to the side and to give back to the world by being kinder and interacting with the people we might not usually talk to in our daily lives. It’s to aim for the unexpected and along the way remember the world is made up of opportunities and the freedom to take chances to change our reality for the better.

“Many of the participants claimed it was a life-changing experience that either pulled them out of their shell and completely changed their lives, or drove them insane.” – Gishwhes

What happens when I join the Gishwhes scavenger hunt?
Each summer, the team behind Gishwhes develop a very long scavenger hunt list and ask people who want to participate to register on the website as an individual or develop your own team of fifteen people. If you sign up as an individual scavenger – you’ll automatically be assigned to a group with fourteen other people – who may be located anywhere in the world.

I have a Gishwhes team, then what?
Each scavenger hunt team may split up the items on the scavenger hunt list amongst its group members to achieve as many things as possible that’s on the list. Past items on the list have asked teams to participate in: feeding the homeless, make Christmas trees float, create napkin art sculptures, pitch a tent on a traffic island, have a garden pool of cranberries, make stormtroopers clean pools and additional random acts of global kindness.
How long does the Gishwhes scavenger hunt run for?
In 2014, the event started on August 2nd – the moment the scavenger hunt list went online and carried on for the next seven days.

What about collecting Gishwhes scavenger hunt points?
When you complete an item from the Gishwhes scavenger hunt list, you need to record it by taking photographs or video – then uploading it to social media and submitting the website url to the Gishwhes website. From here, points are awarded to your team based on website submissions – remember, be creative to get more points!

How do I win at the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen?
The team who has collected the most points based on their submissions – wins a free paid vacation to somewhere unknown and quite interesting. Winners of Gishwhes 2013 had a Viking-inspired holiday, while Gishwhes 2014 winners got onboard a pirate ship captained by none other than Misha Collins himself. According to the Gishwhes FAQ – all the winning teams have been made up of individuals from various countries (so far!).

How can I participate in Gishwhes in 2015?
Sign up to the mailing list at www.gishwhes.com to be notified of updates – as Gishwhes 2015 is going to be held in August. Also find a camera (to capture photos and videos), an internet connection and pay the scavenger hunt fee – all proceeds go to the charity Random Acts.

Misha writes on his website, “GISHWHES is a lark; it’s fun, it’s mischievous, and it’s occasionally daring.”

Come August my friend has already insisted on joining the Gishwhes scavenger hunt for the first time and so will I.

Will you participate in Gishwhes 2015? Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below.

Essa 🙂


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