The 25th anniversary of The Crystal Maze and an eight hour UK marathon of old episodes

The Crystal Maze: 25 years later

The Crystal Maze was a UK television show broadcasted in the 1990s and today marks the 25th anniversary date from which the programme was first launched. Thanks to ExitGames UK for the tip.

The show was based in a large domain which was split into four areas – Aztec, Ocean, Futuristic and Medieval – during it’s first few seasons. In each area, was various types of puzzles that a team of individuals (who didn’t know each other) had to solve. If a puzzle was solved by the team, they would win extra time by collecting objects called time crystals. After each area was attempted in the Crystal Maze, the participants would then move to the center of the large arena to play the last challenge. The last challenge involved collecting as many tokens as possible to win prize money. For those unlucky participants who couldn’t beat The Crystal Maze, they were “locked” in the maze as a result.

For those in the United Kingdom who want to see an episode of The Crystal Maze, there’s a channel called Challenge which will have an 8 hour long marathon session of old episodes starting from 1pm UK local time on February 15th. Otherwise for the rest of us, old episodes can be watched on Youtube – here’s the first episode:

Have you watched The Crystal Maze tv series before or will you consider watching it? Leave a comment or suggestion below.

Essa 🙂



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One thought on “The 25th anniversary of The Crystal Maze and an eight hour UK marathon of old episodes

  1. Chris M. Dickson February 15, 2015 at 2:28 pm Reply

    Bingo! That’s the post that I plan to make today, too. 😀

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