DIG Escape The Room: a new tv series and immersive experience in the USA and online #DigDeeper


Dig Escape The Room: Ready to start digging? #DigDeeper

A murdery mystery involving a FBI agent located in Israel who needs to figure out a conspiracy that might change history forever is the storyline for the new tv series DIG, premiering on US television from Thursday March 5th. To promote the series before it airs – USA Network have developed a FREE (yes, FREE!!) room escape experience at select locations across the US from February 26th to March 8th. There are five locations where you can attend the DIG room escape promotion: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Universal Studios Hollywood* in California and Universal Orlando Resort* in Florida.

* To attend the DIG room escape experience at the Universal locations, you need to buy a ticket to the relevant theme park to gain entry. It’s also a first come, first serve experience at both Universal locations. dig_decoded2

At each location up to ten people will be locked in a room for only 30 minutes, find clues, solve puzzles and get out of the room within the time list. Last time I checked (9am NYC time on Feb 20th) there were roughly 82 tickets left for New York City, 590+ tickets left for Boston and 490+ tickets at the Philadelphia location – with ticket registration only opened on February 19th. Get your free DIG room escape tickets at this link: http://digescapetheroom.com/

If you can’t make it to a US location – there’s an online DIG experience called Dig Decoded available to be played here http://digdecoded.usanetwork.com/. There’s already some parts of the experience online – you can sign up and look through Emma’s journal and crack some codes among the pages. On page three of her journal, there’s a code when deciphered leads participants to this helpful in-game website – http://www.decipherdemon.com/ – which helps explain how to solve some of the other codes scattered throughout the journal.

Starting March 5th as well, three word puzzles will be released each week for ten weeks on the Dig Decoded website. Solve each puzzle to get a code and enter the code to gain a competition entry. One person can submit up to 32 competition entries (online or via mail) during the whole experience, with the major prize a holiday for up four people to either Israel, Croatia or Norway plus breakfasts, day trips and $500 cash to the winner. Unfortunately the major prize can only be won by US residents.

Leave us a comment below if you visit a DIG room escape experience in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, California or Florida. Otherwise what do you think of the DIG online experience?



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