The Self-Destructing Book Experience – James Patterson’s new book “Private Vegas”


“Welcome to the self-destructing book experience, designed for those with an exceptional need for thrill.”

A hero of an action packed movie is racing against time to defeat the nefarious villain who has placed a bomb in an unsuspecting location. Often there will be close up shots of the clock as time slowly ticks down …4 … 3 … 2 .. 1 ~

Back in January there was an opportunity for the general public to participate in a marketing stunt held by the team behind James Patterson’s new book called Private Vegas. For the first 1000 lucky fans who visited – a free e-book code for the book was given away and then a twist – time started counting down. As part of the stunt, each fan would be given only 24 hours to finish reading the novel and when time was up – the book would “detonate” or disappear off their reading device.


During the five-day event, the website had pop-up bubbles to show the general location of fans and how much time they had left to read the book. There was also the additional option of even stealing time away causing some fans to have even less time to read the book.

For one additional wealthy fan that would pay $294, 038 USD – they would be flown to an unknown location near a dormant volcano, then watch on through binoculars as a qualified bomb squad detonated a paperback book and then have dinner with Patterson himself.

Leave a comment below – would you be interested in this type of reading experience?

Essa 🙂


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