Getting lost on the way to finding LostSG in Singapore and Lights, Camera, Action at Universal Studios!

I'm Lost @ LostSGI was able to visit Singapore on holidays earlier in the year, so here’s my experience on visiting LostSG and Universal Studios Singapore.

Singapore is the perfect place to observe the future of escape rooms, the concept is already well established and there are plenty of companies on the ground that are evolving their games along to be competitive within the market. I had high expectations for any escape room I encountered and LostSG didn’t disappoint.

Finding the actual building where LostSG resides was the easy part. From there, the team I was with had to ask the surrounding shopkeepers where it was actually located and no one knew what it was until we spotted the “I’m Lost! Are You?” banner. It was night time when we visited, the majority of the other shops on level three were already shuttered close and we seriously thought we were in the wrong place. One of the team members pointed out there was an open shop with its lights turned on at the end of the corridor. Walking closer to it, we realised we had finally found LostSG.

{Disclaimer: Intervirals did a surprise visit and LostSG didn’t know we were there. Also thanks to Escaping SG and S-capegoats for their Singapore escape room recommendations too.}

The team chose to play Castiglione, where the Castiglionezodiac signs were used as an inspiration for the twelve sculptures commissioned for the emperor at the time. When the British and French armies were about to storm into China, the twelve zodiac sculptures disappeared and were never seen again. Now there are rumors the sculptures were hidden away by the head designer, Giuseppe Castiglione in his home. Find all of the sculptures hidden in Castiglione’s home, escape with them and evade the guards at all costs.

I had to sign a waiver which is the standard for most escape rooms now days, so I won’t say much but I really enjoyed Castiglione and finding the zodiac sculptures along the way was quite fun. I didn’t get a chance to visit any other escape rooms but there’s always next time!

$26.90 SGD per person (peak), $20.90 SGD per person (off-peak)
Level 3, Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road, Singapore


Lights Camera Action
While I was in Singapore I also visited the Lights, Camera, Action ride at Universal Studios where movie props and effects are used to simulate a Category Five cyclone. The audience are briefed by the staff and then ushered into the room next door, which looks like a large cabin space with a window on the far side. There’s water in-between the window and where the audience stands behind a fence. Suddenly an emergency broadcast flashes on to the tv screen near the window and far wall, warning of an approaching cyclone about to hit and then it ominously disconnects.

It’s all quiet as the audience waits for something to happen. Soon after it escalates from there – items quickly catch fire, with small explosions causing the fire to spread across the far wall and across the water. The window panes blow off the window and the front row of the audience gets rained on (it’s not too bad really). It ends spectacularly with a ship’s hull bursting in through a side door and the floor dropping out. The floor-dropping-out-part isn’t too bad, just a bit of staggering around until you stabilize with the ground again or get a hold on the railing.

While this wasn’t an escape room as such, it did lead me to think about the use of over the top movie effects and how they can be incorporated into escape rooms (if they haven’t already been). Plus it was too awesome not to write about.

That’s it for Singapore!
Essa 🙂


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