Saving the world 10 minutes too late from Doctor Disaster’s nefarious plans at The Enigma Room Sydney

the enigma room sydney
Standing on the street path outside of The Enigma Room, the front doors were closed. Fortunately the staff had sent out an email 24 hours before with instructions and I looked over at the intercom selection. Every name placeholder next to the intercom was empty, except for the first which held a cryptic double ended question mark.

I buzzed at the intercom, told the staff we were here for a game and they buzzed open the front door. Down the narrow corridor, it opened into a small lobby with an elevator. As the team waited for the elevator to arrive, we noticed a flickering from one of the ceiling lights. I made a joke about it being a good prop that The Enigma Room should leave in place while another friend asked in amusement if they were going to make it out of the building.

What had we signed up for this time?

The elevator arrived at level six and the first thing we see is a wall. Puzzled at this, the team exit right out of the elevator and follow the corridor along until the next junction. Turning around this corner, there’s an entrance with double doors – one half opened and upon approach the cryptic question mark can be seen on a wall. Doctor Disaster

{Disclaimer: Intervirals did a surprise visit and The Enigma Room Sydney didn’t know we were there.}

The team played Doctor Disaster, where the villain of the story has built up an impressive pile of missiles that’s hidden somewhere on the moon. A scientist working for the Doctor managed to get a message out to the public which tells of secret missile control headquarters located in Sydney. You have one hour to stop the missiles, save the world and save yourselves from disaster.

The team failed to escape in one hour with the team almost getting to the end of all the puzzles. Then the staff came in, let us continuing playing for another 10 minutes and gave us hints until we managed to escape. I think the fact that the staff even gave us extra time speaks volumes about the company (and they didn’t know we were there at all, seriously).

I’m super impressed by the experience, plus the team want to go back and play In Memoriam or another escape room soon. One team member commented to me later at lunch that after her first escape room experience she just wanted to tell someone about it. I think that’s really awesome, to get someone who has never played an escape room before interested in playing more of them.

The Enigma Room Sydney
Price: $78 AUD for two people

Address: Suite 602, Level 6, 262 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Essa 🙂


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