THIS AGAIN – Trapped: A St. Louis Room Escape Volume 4 – Liminal (USA)

trapped - volume 4

The only clue about Trapped’s next volume is the title Liminal as the website doesn’t go into detail about the escape room’s theme. Is liminal to do with limits? Not sure, so headed to Google for a definition. The first definition Google tells me is the term relates to a transition stage or initial stage while the second definition describes being at a threshold of something.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary doesn’t help any further stating “the inbetween-ness… Between here and there, you and me and between myself and any relationship.” Hmm, okay.

Then I found a “What is Liminality page” developed by a person who writes it’s not a common term and is not often found in a dictionary. From the Latin term, limen or threshold and an example of it is crossing a door’s threshold in order to pass through the door and actually enter a building. It’s a great metaphor to describe how a person is before they enter an escape room and how the actual experience transforms them after they exit the room.

Trapped: A St. Louis Room Escape Volume 4 – Liminal
Date: May 27th to June 7th 2015
Price: $35 USD per person
Address:  St. Louis, Missouri; USA.

Promo Code: THISAGAIN ($10 USD discount valid until April 27th)
Website to redeem promo code:

Also a mention goes out to the awesome Newsweek article featuring Scott Nicholson
(of BecausePlayMatters) and David Spira with Lisa Radding (of Room Escape Artist)!


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