Escape on a cruise ship, escape from an island conspiracy … would you escape from an igloo?

escape igloo

The Slovenian ski resort of Kranjska Gora was home to the world’s first escape igloo this past winter. Only available during the winter season from February to March 2015, Escape Room Enigmarium built and maintained the igloo while working alongside their partners Time Out and Eskimska Vas (Eskimo Village).

Inside the igloo, the game centers around a meteor hitting the planet which manages to throw off Earth’s equilibrium and magnetic poles into strange places. The disturbance is centralised at Kranjska Gora, where compasses don’t work properly and there are rumours of an approaching Ice Age. To restore the equilibrium, teams of two to five players has to find four missing elements located in the escape igloo and use them to restore the Earth. It cost 60 euro per team and advanced booking was required by participants as the igloo was affected by weather conditions and maintenance.

There’s a trailer of the escape igloo on Youtube too – plus you can even seen there’s a countdown clock in the escape igloo enclosed in a plastic box.

Escape Igloo: [In Slovenian and English]

Now the Escape Room Enigmarium team are working on establishing their next escape room in Bled, Slovenia. A good witch who was horrible at spells accidentally cast a spell and managed to lock herself away in her attic. She was left forgotten until now where the team are restoring her villa to host their next escape room game. The team are organising a crowd funding campaign to raise $12,000 to help with their building efforts and have various rewards for those who donate including vouchers, becoming beta testers, having an in-game puzzle named after you or having your portrait reside on one of their walls.

Crowd Funding for Bled:


What are your thoughts on an escape igloo?



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