Conan attempts an escape from Escape Room LA and gets out in 1 hr and 37 mins by winding the room’s clock backwards


“Get a bunch of friends, you go into a room, you’re locked inside, there are clues and puzzles and you all have to work together to figure your way out of the room” – Conan.

Conan recently tried out Escape Room LA on April 17th and brought along his producer Jordan Schlansky, where they stood outside and whipped off their sunglasses dramatically before entering.

 They played The Detective room which was styled as a 1940s detective agency with Conan and Schlansky dressed in period clothing featuring broad fedora hats and sharp suits.

Upon walking into the room- there’s a desk secretary (a non player character or NPC) who is trying to file away at her nails. The secretary greets them and hands over a large white envelope, that contains a letter from the detective asking for their help in determining which gangster is behind the jewel theft.

Sometime later Conan is already desperately trying to get out of the room and it’s a credit to the secretary she manages to keep a straight face. He messes with the props, stares at the ceiling, asks for food and loses concentration rapidly while Schlansky attempts to solve some puzzles.

As all teams have asked each other at one point in an escape room, Conan and Schlansky ask the same question of the secretary – what percentage of activities have they completed in the room. It turns out it’s less than 5%.

Conan then tries to “solve” the time limit problem by walking over to the clock in the room and rewinding the clock back to get fifteen more minutes. ‘Now you have 10 minutes left’, the secretary promptly informs them. Quickly Conan rewinds the clock back the other way.

If you want to see the rest of Conan’s escape room experience – his Youtube video is linked below.

Which tv host would you like to see next attempt a escape room?



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