Interdimensional gangsters that travel through whirlpools and treasure hunters seeking pirates – escaPark


While walking home from the office one day some interdimensional travelling gangsters walked into your path. You tried to sidestep them but next thing you realise is that you have been taken to another dimension. It looks like your office but somethings not quite right – how did you get here? Why can’t you remember what happened before entering the office and why is the door locked from the other side?

Papers are strewn across the desk and there are various files on gangsters but who in particular was being tracked down for investigation? It’s best to start looking for fragments of your lost memory in this second dimension. Will you get back home or will the gangsters get to you again or even worse – will the world collapse in on itself due to the instability of the time travelling whirlpool.

While time travel escape rooms are a common theme – it’s quite an interesting story loop because it plays on the concept of memory and of re-discovering clues. Why not have two escape rooms where the first room introduces players to a story and then in the second room, players re-visit the story but it’s changed enough to keep players interested and there are nods to the earlier room played in. If there is such a room/s please let me know!

Meanwhile Pirates covers the story of two long years of searching by a group of treasure hunters who have finally found the hidden treasure. However someone forget the malediction (or curse) the treasure is under and caused the curse to take place. The main passage way has now been blocked off but the group knows of a pirate rumor of a hidden exit. Figure out the different pieces of the pirate code or stay in the cave forever and never see sunlight again.

escaPark – Málaga, Spain
Price: 34 for two people
Address: Av. Manuel Agustin Heredia 20, Floor 6/2, Málaga, Spain

// P.S. The Intervirals forums have just been updated! Wander in and join the conversation. Plus check out the Escape Enthusiasts Google group as well!


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