20 minutes to DASH around the world: outdoor puzzle hunts, Liminal and Exit Game Design

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There’s plenty of escape room or puzzle hunts happening at the moment – from Trapped’s game that’s started this week in Missouri along with registration opening for the Singapore Puzzle Hunt event. There’s also DASH taking place in America and London while Operation: Queen is being held at the Springlicious Festival in Canada – both events are on today. An upcoming event is Real Escape Game Japan’s new 20 minute game from June 5th and check out Escape Game Design, a website for people in the escape game industry.

Canada: Blend into the crowd with your team as you work for the Agency – also known as Escape Room Niagara Falls – and discover the secret agents and clues at the Springlicious Festival. The outdoor festival takes place across two days, May 30th and 31st and players will need to find the right people in the crowd participanting as informants, get to the right locations and find enough data to win victory somewhere in downtown. That’s if you can find it.

Japan: 20 Min(ute) Real Escape Game is the newest concept from the Real Escape Game team – teams are only given 20 minutes to get into a laboratory, find the cure for a deadly virus that’s threatening the world and break out of the lab (as the security alarms have gone off and locked the teams inside!). The event goes from June 5th to August 2nd 2015 with a variety of times available and will be held at the event venue – Himitsukichirabo – located in Dogenzaka Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan).

Missouri, USA: Trapped: A St. Louis Room Escape is currently holding their fourth volume called Liminal. It’s only running for a short time from May 27th to June 7th.

North America and England: It’s DASH weekend! On May 30th teams in various cities across America and London will start their DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) adventure, where the same puzzle hunt is played in different cities on the same day.
Search for the #playdash hashtag across social media to see teams playing DASH over the day.
http://playdash.org/ || https://www.facebook.com/playdash

Singapore: The first Singapore Puzzle Hunt is opening team registration for their event tomorrow (May 31st). The actual website doesn’t have heaps of details but their Facebook page has been posting teaser puzzles for participants to try out. So far – no one has managed to solve the teaser puzzle yet! The Singapore Puzzle Hunt takes place on Sunday July 12th – will you find her in time?

Worldwide: From the creator of Play Exit Games comes a new website called Exit Game Design, a directory for people who work on various aspects of the escape room industry or a place to find “designers, franchises, equipment suppliers and everything else industry related”. Sounds like an awesome idea!



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