A ghost ship docks into France, Enigma Escape opens their doors and the curious Canterbury Puzzles

discounts - 7th june

Can’t wait to see images of the Prizoners Live event taking place this week in France! Plus mathematical puzzles from an book written by Henry Ernest Dudeney and competitions/discounts from Enigma Escape, Escape Room Malaysia, Crack the Code Sheffield and EXIT West Broadway.

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Denver, Colorado: Have you ever heard of The Canterbury Puzzles by Henry Ernest Dudeney? Denver Escape Room discovered this ebook while browsing the Project Gutenberg site.

London, England: Enigma Escape have opened their doors in London with a 25% discount on offer – use the code: ENIGMAESCAPE25 when booking. Offer lasts until August 17th.

Malaysia: Solve the puzzle on Escape Room Malaysia’s Facebook page and leave a comment to enter their competition to win a free game voucher.

Paris, France: Prizoners Live! Le Vaisseau Fantome – A giant escape game in the middle of Paris with over 100 participants. Disappearing from radar screens in 1985, the ship called Eminence has been found recently and is about to dock into shore for the first time in 30 years. What happened to the onboard crew? Why did their radio fall silent? Climb onboard and solve the ghost ship mystery within 60 minutes. The upcoming June 13th event is fully booked but there’s another staging of the event on July 4th. Costs €30 per person and will be at Batofar, quai Francois Mauriac, Paris, France.

Sheffield, England: Re-post the competition image from Crack the Code Sheffield’s Instagram page with the hastags #sheffield and #ctcjunegiveaway – to be in the running to win a prize!

Vancouver, Canada: EXIT West Broadway are giving away two vouchers worth $250 USD each, that can be redeemed for ten people to play a game. Plus a 20% discount for every game booked Monday-Thursday between the hours of 3pm to 6pm. Tweet, Like and Instagram to enter – follow the details on VanCityBuzz.com – competition closes June 12th.


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