What’s a Rebus puzzle? You’ve probably seen one of these things before.

A rebus puzzle is created when an image is used to replace a word or some part of a sentence. By looking at the image, the viewer can sometimes attempt to sound out the word or syllable in order to make sense of the puzzle. Other times, the structure of the puzzle needs to be looked at and usually gives a strong clue towards the answer. For example, the “Wake” puzzle below has its text going in an upwards direction which results in the answer – Wake Up.

The term rebus* comes from the Latin phrase – non verbis sed rebus – which translated to English means not by words but by things (early 1600s). Over time rebus puzzles have evolved and are more commonly known as word picture puzzles, with over 11 million results on Google alone. The term rebus puzzle sounds a lot better than a word picture puzzle.

Have you ever had a text conversation with somebody and only used emoji icons or used a mixture of emoji icons and text? That’s a rebus puzzle.

Some rebus puzzles for you to try out are below this.

Essa 🙂

Rebus Puzzles – Images + Letter Structure#

Rebus Puzzles – Manipulating Text Structure#


*Rebus is a plural term in Latin which means “things” – best blog title ever? Maybe.
#Puzzles from fun with words, stetson.edu and narragansett beer.


Helpful tips on solving rebus puzzles:

Want to solve some more rebus puzzles?
http://www.narragansettbeer.com/category/rebus-puzzles [Beer Company website asks for age]


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