Monsters, Vikings and The Century Beast Kickstarter by The Mysterious Package Company


The typical mailbox is filled with junk catalogues and bills for things that need to be paid for but what if you received something different one day?

The Mysterious Package Company specialises in telling stories via a unique medium – they send pieces of a story to a person via mail. First, you need to apply for membership, be accepted and select an experience.

It then starts with the recipient receiving a letter and as weeks pass, other artifacts that are part of a customized experience arrive in your mailbox as well. The entire overarching storyline wraps up with “The Reveal”, with the company sending a final black letter and a wooden crate nailed firmly shut. Within the wooden crate this time around is an eldritch (weird/sinister/ghostly) artifact to remember the entire experience by.

“We include real history in the story, which lends authenticity to the experience, disguising where reality ends and the fiction century_beastbegins.” – The Century Beast, Kickstarter

The company at the moment only sells its stories and experiences to accepted members. However the newest experience is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is open to everyone. Called The Century Beast, its a story about marine monsters, vikings drawn to look for these monsters and doomed by what lurks below the waterline.

To sign up for the entry level experience – The Bronze Experience will cost $99 CAD, followed by the Silver Experience at $199 CAD and their are Gold, Diamond and Platinum packages too. With three days to go, the Kickstarter has received $303,000 in funds, a long way ahead of its original goal of $20,000 Canadian dollars.

The Century Beast on Kickstarter:
The Mysterious Package Company:


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One thought on “Monsters, Vikings and The Century Beast Kickstarter by The Mysterious Package Company

  1. zygosy June 12, 2016 at 1:42 pm Reply

    Neal Patrick Harris tweeted: “A locked room book? I’m obsessed: Mysterious Cases contain codes, puzzles, letters, and boxes within boxes! Um, Yes!”

    Mysterious Cases combine the drama and intrigue of a long lost tale, with the puzzle solving marvels of an Escape Room. Part game, part book, and part interactive adventure, each Mysterious Case contains codes to crack, puzzles to solve, letters to snoop, and boxes within boxes to unlock – all leading to the dramatic conclusion of an intriguing mystery.

    We’re raising funds on Indiegogo to bring to life 3 separate interactive stories: the Kidnapped Crossworder, the Druids’ Catacomb, and the Star-Crossed Scientists.

    As an added bonus, the Star-Crossed Scientists will also include a mechanical drawing automaton, designed by #1 New York Times best-selling 3D book creator Robert Sabuda!

    Check out our campaign here:

    Please find and share the adventure on social media!
    @armchair_sleuth on twitter
    @armchairdetectiveco on instagram

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