Run and Hyde: Into The Black Maze appearing this December in London

The world’s first bio-activated maze – called Hyde, isn’t likely to meet its Kickstarter goals with less than 14 hours to go. First reported over at Exit Games UK, I didn’t get to see the actual Kickstarter trailer until today and it’s one of the best hands down THE BEST trailer I’ve seen all year. Seriously, do not – I repeat – do not miss out on having a look at this trailer.

Before entering this real life horror maze, participants would have been given wearable technology to allow the game to track their vitals eg. breathing, heart rate. This would allow the maze to know how you feel and change according to how the team progressed through.

Jekyll Corporation has recently created a new wonder drug enabling people to develop superpowers. Human trials need to occur before then and maze participants fulfil this role by testing out their new capabilities across the maze’s physical environment.

Each room in the maze has a puzzle or challenge to be solved. Once solved, a green light will turn on above one of the multiple doors that are connected to the room. Shift a wall by only using your brain. Hold your breath until the light turns green or lower your heart rate in order to get into the next room.

Finding the center of the maze is the end goal but remember, the maze works against you – it knows where you are located in the maze, how you are going and becomes more difficult the closer you get to the center. Plus Hyde, an in game character is hunting your team throughout the maze and the true story of Jekyll and Hyde will be told.

Kickstarter Link:


The Black Maze
While Hyde might not be funded this time around, Slingshot – the creators of this project are moving ahead with another project, The Black Maze in London.

A thousand heartbeats is the only time given.

The team measures with their technology how long it takes a person to reach a thousand heartbeats – we’re guessing they’ll measure participant’s heartbeats for a minute and then calculate the rest.

The team are allowed into a maze, its darkened and filled with things that accidentally brush past and heighten fear. How much time participant’s have left in the maze depends on how well they can control their heart rate and their reactions to what lurk in the dark – a faster heart rate will mean less time within the maze.

The average heart rate is about 60 to 80 beats per minute and can exceed over 100 beats per minute when excited – in turn meaning the most participants will have is 12 to 15 minutes to spend in the maze, which opens this December.


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2 thoughts on “Run and Hyde: Into The Black Maze appearing this December in London

  1. Chris M. Dickson July 17, 2015 at 10:45 pm Reply

    I presume they’ll actually have a live track of people’s heart rates while they’re solving the maze, and then introduce things that might seek to scare the players and thus increase their heart rate so to decrease the amount of time they have in the maze. There was a pretty good quiz show earlier in the year that used a similar “1,000 heart beats” motif, and another (rather less good!) quiz show called The Chair years ago which used a “control your heart rate” gimmick.

    • Essa July 19, 2015 at 9:46 pm Reply

      Interesting to see an example of the 1000 heart beats already in use in the UK – thought it might have been unique to Slingshot. I’ve also been catching up on The Genius at the moment and on episode two – lots of rules but the politics and player interaction is the best I’ve seen.
      Essa 🙂

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