Your mission should you choose to accept it: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation escape room tours American cities

Numerous red strings crisscross the oceans and countries displayed on a large wall map while black and white photos of suspects are placed around its border. On the opposite wall, numerous clocks with red lettering blink while another wall holds several walkie talkies in place, ready to be picked up at a moment’s notice.

The team behind Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation have created a safe house escape room experience located in four American cities – New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Located in an IMF agent safe house, participants in teams of six only have 20 minutes before their secure location is no longer safe. They need to collect as much information and get out of the house before time runs out. It’s a free experience and while the event has already passed through New York and Boston, the next stop is San Francisco tomorrow.


From July 25th to 27th, the experience will be held at the San Francisco AMC Metreon IMAX cinema. At the moment there’s a typo on the front webpage for San Francisco – the experience will be there on Monday July 27th and there’s still a few spaces left for Saturday, Sunday and pretty much all of Monday looks to be available for bookings. A quick calculation estimate puts it at 200+ free tickets still available for San Francisco while the last stop on the tour – Los Angeles – has already been booked out .

The Rogue Nation part of the movie’s title refers to a group of agents banding together to create a new nation built on the foundation of attacks the group carry out. Who can you trust? See more images of the escape room here.

Mission Impossible Escape Room:

Speaking of secret agents, the second Bond trailer for the upcoming Spectre was recently released. Back in 2012, there was a Skyfall mini alternate reality game called Bird watching in Innsbruck. Packages were sent out to a few ARG sources that lead to a website, puzzles hidden in the source code and an interactive game with 5 mission levels. Considering Spectre will be released this November 2015, hopefully something similar emerges again.


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