Evading the zombies in Amsterdam: Guest blog with Sjoerd from Zombie Escape Netherlands

We’re a bunch of friends who like to play all kinds of games together: video games, board games and of course escape rooms.

After visiting other escape rooms the idea came up to start an escape room ourselves. Whenever we had visited another [escape] room, we would think of a lot of improvements that these rooms could make. The thing that annoyed us was the atmosphere in the rooms we visited – whenever you were in a room, the room was too comfortable and the only thing pressuring you to escape was the ticking clock.

In February we decided to start a room – first it was a bit of a joke but when we had our first meeting about it, it was [all] business. We made records of our meetings and had clear goals and demands. For March most of the time was used to find a great location for our room and we found a place in the center of Amsterdam where the advertisement told it was 65 square meters. When we went to visit, we found out it was much bigger, it actually was 90 square meters so we hired it.

At the time there were 7 other escape rooms in Amsterdam and we really wanted to stand out. The atmosphere and the story behind our room have been discussed for hundreds of hours. Really wanted to make it perfect. The story had to be logical and exciting. The atmosphere had to be scary, but only in sound effects and lighting. There must be no risk of people actually getting hurt in the room.

Our first goal was to open in the middle of June but like a lot [of] starting businesses we underestimated the time it takes to start a business and the amount of things that need to happen. We came up with the theme of a zombie laboratory – the professors are doing a lot of research on genetic modification. Something went wrong with one of the test subjects and he got infected with the zombie virus – what happens next depends on the people who come to play our escape room.

Zombie Escape Netherlands
Price: 60 for two people, €75 for three people
Address: Fokke Simonszstraat 10BG, 017TG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Website: http://zombie-escape.nl

team zombie-room


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