A normal day working at an escape room: Q&A with Mark from PanIQ Entertainment

Thanks to Mark from PanIQ Entertainment for taking the time to answer some of our questions – while PanIQ Room was unable to set up an escape room in Canada, they’re continuing on with their American expansion of setting up new escape rooms with another facility opening soon.

What’s involved in a normal day working at an escape room?
– For a team member there are the regular tasks: game mastering, handling customer requests (such as booking, changes in booking), mentoring the games and setting up the rooms after the games.
– Manager tasks include setting up weekly rota/schedule, game mastering, helping out team members in customer related issues and making sure that all things are running smoothly on a daily basis (in case of a broken puzzle or item, they need to have it fixed or take any other necessary action).

What’s the best or worst part of working for an escape room?
– The best part is what our team members tell us – the flexibility, since we have reduced the number of office hours, that the members are required to be at the escape room – only when a game is booked. We don’t have a high fluctuation number, so we do believe it is a good place to work. 🙂

What are some of the most common mistakes you see people performing while playing an escape room?
Some people are impatient at times and are not willing to use their minds, although we have tried to make our game plots more mainstream, so most of our guests have good memories when leaving our rooms. We have a high escape rate (around 60-70%).

Where do you see the escape room industry heading?
– The industry in the US still has a lot to grow. What we tend to see, is that people are more into the fancy games and items (eg. led lights, there are moving parts in the item, sort of a toy like item) rather than a hard and complicated quiz or maze. We also see that certain themes are from popular topics, which were inspired by prime time tv series and people tend to look out for them.

PanIQ Entertainment
Price: $119 – $189 USD, depending on day and time. Usually 2 to 6 players.
Address: Various locations – San Francisco, Hollywood, San Diego, Miami – USA
Website: http://paniqentertainment.com/



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2 thoughts on “A normal day working at an escape room: Q&A with Mark from PanIQ Entertainment

  1. Jake White October 16, 2015 at 3:44 am Reply

    There was this place that opened up near our home, and everyone keeps talking about it, and how it’s like a game place where you have to escape a room. I decided to read a little more to figure out what they were talking about, and it sounds like a pretty cool idea. It was interesting to see from this article how Mark pointed out that people are more interested in the fancy games and items rather than hard and complicated ones. I will have to take me wife to this place and we’ll check it out!

    • Essa October 17, 2015 at 10:18 pm Reply

      Yeah it was interesting to find out people weren’t as interested in the complicated puzzles – maybe people like the immersive aspects of an escape room more? Essa 🙂

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