The original Canadian Caper and A Night at the Speakeasy – you’ll need a password to get in


The original Canadian Caper was a rescue operation involving four American diplomats who narrowly escaped being held hostage when the US embassy in Iran was taken over in 1979. The diplomats were sheltered by other Canadian diplomats for several months until a plan was developed back in America. The CIA hatched a plan to send some agents to Iran with the cover story of scouting the country for good movie locations for a movie … called Argo. The same story was the inspiration for Ben Affleck’s movie released in 2012 called Argo.

A caper as Google describes it is a “illicit or ridiculous activity or escapade” which leads us into the company Canadian Caper and their upcoming event next week – A Night at the Speakeasy. You are invited to step into a 1920s inspired speakeasy bar run by mobsters but getting in is the tough part as a password is needed. Ruthless Don won’t make it any easy either as he has set up a series of puzzles for you to crack before even getting into the speakeasy. Since it’s a theatrical live event as well, you could find yourself in a interesting conversation with Ruthless Don sometime during the course of the night as well.

Bloggers Escape Room Addict, Escape Games Review and Escape Games Toronto have all contributed to this event and there will be puzzles, multiple rooms and of course an exit located somewhere waiting to be found. A Night at the Speakeasy only runs for one night in Toronto, Canada on September 19th at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm timeslots where groups of six will compete against fifteen other teams navigating their way through the speakeasy (or bar).

A Night at the Speakeasy
Date: Saturday 19th of September 2015
Price: $27 CAD per person ($5 CAD discount with promo code: EGT or ERA)
Location: The Gates – 66 Gerrard St E (Gerrard and Church), Toronto Canada

We’re hoping it’s going to be a roaring success.


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